Soliya reflection

Soliya was a new experience that I have learned from a lot. The platform that we used was new platform that I was not used to it. The special features in this platform that it used camera, microphone and we had a chat box. Usually online video confrences are not organised because everyone talk at the same moment while the internet connection is not perfect, so not everyone is heard well, however in this platform only one person at a time can talk. The chat box helped us in communicating when someone has troubleshoot in mic, camera or speakers.

In the fisrt lecture I was very shy to talk and I was not comfortable to share my thoughts. I did not know too much about any of my colleagues’ cultures and it took time from me to know more about them. In the beginning most of us were silent most of the time and the moderator had hard time with us to pull the words out of us. However, by the last lecture we were all comfortable to share and talk and we were able to construct a conversation that had a perfect flow without feeling shy or awkward. The most important things we have learned is how to respect and hear from others and understand the way they think and how to lead a conversation. The last lecture I was asked to lead a conversation, after learning how to construct questions to start a conversation, and the conversation went very fluently, the moderator did not have to do any effort in orded to complete this conversation. What we have learned from each other and from the moderator about constructing questions is that the questions should not be very broad because this could lead to being off topic, nor very narrow like yes or no questions because this type of questions does not show the real opinion of the person. Good questions are clear about the topic without being very specific, and preferably ending by why and how, because these questions make the one answering think more deeply and critically about his own opinion.

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